"Replacement Urinal Screens"

1/2"x16"x40" - $59
1/2"x24"x40" - $79
1/2"x30"x48" - $115

Colors Available: White, Black, Tan, Gray, Red, Lt. Blue.
Color matching spacers available enabling 1/2" panel to accomodate 1" bracket.

Call Toll Free: (877)527-8424 to place your order.

"Derrier Dividers"

Our Derrier Dividers offer the practicality of solid plastic sheet with a color scheme that appeals to the design conscious.
They are the right choice for high-use facilities such as schools, universities, stadiums, arenas, parks and airports.

Our unique polymer sheet creates a self-lubricating surface that cleans easily, is tough, and resists markings with pens,
pencils, most markers and paints.
They are also dent and crack resistant, chemical and corrosion resistant and have water vapor impermeability.
Furthermore, they are nonabsorbent, and impact resistant.

With Derrier Dividers you'll never need to paint or replace rusted, dented or damaged metal and wood laminated toilet compartments.

Our Derrier Dividers are warranted against breakage, corrosion, and delamination under normal use
for 15 years from the date of receipt by the customer.

Feel free to fax a print/sketch of your requirement @ (570)282-6862.

Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions, Toll Free: (877)527-8424 or click here to EMAIL.

****Full Polymer matching wall brackets now available upon request @ no additional charge.****


Actual colors may vary from the printed representation. o